Get involved in the church


Sundays  9:45am-11am & 12:45am - 1:30pm 

Working behind the scenes, the work of the Sunday Ops Team is to support the church and its ministries through organizing and arranging resources to fulfill their purpose.

In the King’s Cross Sunday Ops Team, we value the importance of showing love to all whom we serve, including those in our own group. Whether it is setting up a table with a smile, giving a compliment to someone, or showing appreciation to those in the Team (It is often a thankless job, so we need to appreciate each other!)  we should always carry out our service in Love.


What we do:

  • Set up the sanctuary for worship
  • Set up nursery and children's ministry rooms
  • Security duties during the service
  • Welcome newcomers at King's Cross Church. Our goals are to:

1. Ensure each visitor to King's Cross feels individually received
2. Be a complete resource for visitors seeking to learn more about King's Cross



Sundays 9:00am – 11:45 am

The Worship Team exists to declare the gospel of Jesus Christ through the gift of music.

To be aided and led by the Holy Spirit,  to motivate the gathered church in proclaiming biblical truth in song of God’s magnificent worth and the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ

“An effective corporate worship leader, aided and led by the Holy Spirit, skillfully combines biblical truth with music to magnify the worth of God and the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, thereby motivating the gathered church to join him in proclaiming and cherishing the truth about God and seeking to live all of life for the glory of God.” - Bob Kauflin




Sundays 10:30am – 11:45am

Here at King’s Cross, we want to partner with parents to lead next generation into a transforming relationship with Jesus.  We are committed to teaching, challenging and engaging our children with the good news of Jesus Christ.

King’s Cross JR Ages 3-5

King’s Cross SR Grades 1-5



Sundays 11am – 11:45am

The King’s Cross  Prayer Team (KXPT) exists to lead people into a more intimate relationship with God and others through individual and corporate prayer.

Each week the KXPT holds a pre-service prayer meeting to intercede for the local community, the church's leaders, and KXC ministries. After the service, the KXPT also prays for individuals who have personal requests.

The KXPT also organizes prayer walks through the Enter-6 Mall and the community of Wangsimni to focus on the needs of our neighborhood.



The media team exists to support and equip King’s Cross ministries by providing effective communication through design, video, and social media outlets. We strive for excellence in that we can provide a means by which the Gospel can be spread through design.

We provide designs for weekly announcements, ministry events (as needed basis), as well as designs for our social media platforms.